Saturday, June 2, 2012


Ok so a lot has happened since the last post so I will do my best to fill everything in. First Jake is still in school and doing well however for the last while that means that not only am I trying to stay on top of my homework, keep Leighton and Xia on top of their homework I am also trying to keep Jake focused on his homework. I passed my first audit for school and have one more in July to be fully cleared to student teach in August. I did however get my placement for the student teaching and unfortunately it wasn't either of the schools that I had hoped for but the plus is that it is David Grow Elementary and the address for the school is 4690 s 4300 w. This is just around the corner so I will be able to ride my bike or walk to work everyday. Jake has been a huge help in getting the kids to school when I was teaching at Oakcrest Elementary which I was privileged to do 2 to 3 times a week for the past month. I loved the teacher that I was placed with. Leighton loved this year and his teacher Mrs. Jenkins. He is going to miss her so much next year. She worked with him so much and got him excelling in areas that I never thought he would enjoy because of all of his struggles with reading. In his class they read the book Don Quixote and so we took him to his first musical Man of La Mancha. That was an adventure. He sits through plays like his dad always moving. He knew how much Mrs. Jenkins liked the book Don Quixote so he asked if for teacher appreciation we could get her tickets for her and her husband so we did. He spent many days after school working with Mrs. Jenkins on many projects and just loved being with her it has been so nice to see him really enjoying a teacher as much as I enjoyed Mrs. Clark. Leighton is still doing baseball with Juan and loves every minute of it. Xia is still doing really well in school and still loves it. As for me well I fell at work and landed on my tailbone losing the feeling from my hip down to my right foot. The swelling has gone down finally and after 7 days of steroids and anti-inflammatory medication the swelling has gone down and the numbness is starting to wear off(in truth I think I liked being numb as apposed to the pain that I have felt). I also got a new car it is so nice. I got a 2011 Nissan Murono. This thing has all the bells and whistles and is so much fun to have. I think that brings everyone up to date. Hopefully I will have pictures for the next blog its been a while but I haven't uploaded any in a long time because of lack of time.

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