Saturday, June 2, 2012


Ok so a lot has happened since the last post so I will do my best to fill everything in. First Jake is still in school and doing well however for the last while that means that not only am I trying to stay on top of my homework, keep Leighton and Xia on top of their homework I am also trying to keep Jake focused on his homework. I passed my first audit for school and have one more in July to be fully cleared to student teach in August. I did however get my placement for the student teaching and unfortunately it wasn't either of the schools that I had hoped for but the plus is that it is David Grow Elementary and the address for the school is 4690 s 4300 w. This is just around the corner so I will be able to ride my bike or walk to work everyday. Jake has been a huge help in getting the kids to school when I was teaching at Oakcrest Elementary which I was privileged to do 2 to 3 times a week for the past month. I loved the teacher that I was placed with. Leighton loved this year and his teacher Mrs. Jenkins. He is going to miss her so much next year. She worked with him so much and got him excelling in areas that I never thought he would enjoy because of all of his struggles with reading. In his class they read the book Don Quixote and so we took him to his first musical Man of La Mancha. That was an adventure. He sits through plays like his dad always moving. He knew how much Mrs. Jenkins liked the book Don Quixote so he asked if for teacher appreciation we could get her tickets for her and her husband so we did. He spent many days after school working with Mrs. Jenkins on many projects and just loved being with her it has been so nice to see him really enjoying a teacher as much as I enjoyed Mrs. Clark. Leighton is still doing baseball with Juan and loves every minute of it. Xia is still doing really well in school and still loves it. As for me well I fell at work and landed on my tailbone losing the feeling from my hip down to my right foot. The swelling has gone down finally and after 7 days of steroids and anti-inflammatory medication the swelling has gone down and the numbness is starting to wear off(in truth I think I liked being numb as apposed to the pain that I have felt). I also got a new car it is so nice. I got a 2011 Nissan Murono. This thing has all the bells and whistles and is so much fun to have. I think that brings everyone up to date. Hopefully I will have pictures for the next blog its been a while but I haven't uploaded any in a long time because of lack of time.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Promise I'm not dead!

I know it's been too long once again. With school I have been crazy busy from the beginning of Jan to the first of April I had to have 25 papers done in order to stay on the Student teaching list for September on top of that I have 72 hours of observations in a classroom as well as working with a licensed teacher to finish some more papers. Needless to say that had me busy then add to that the fact that baseball season has started up again and if anyone knows my son they know how much he loves the game so now I have baseball practice 3 days a week and games the other 3 days with Sunday being the only day we are not on the field. Xia is as busy as ever. We just got the test results back from her testing with Sam Goldstien just to make sure that she didn't have any of the learning disabilities that Leighton and I have needless to say she is too smart for her own good. There were no learning disabilities but her IQ was way above average Sam put it like this the "the average college student has a IQ of 106 the average masters student has a IQ of 10 and Xia's IQ falls into the 116 range meaning that she is grad school material." She is doing everything on the 3 or 4 grade level except reading flunecey at this she is just on grade level so Sam recommended focusing on this area because she is capable of being at least on 3 grade level if we can get her speed up. Sam also said to look at getting her scholorships to the private schools in the area for Jr. High and High school to keep her challneged, As for her stubornness with me I just have to work on not butting heads with her so often. That's my goal and so far we have done pretty good not nearly as many melt downs. Jake is also in school but only part time right now and he is slowly seeing how diffeicult it is to fit in school and work however he has less because it is me that does baseball, and swiimming for Xia. For those that don't know Sam Goldstien he is the doctor that diagnosed me as a child as well as Leighton he is one of the top neurology Ph.D.s in the country and he wants to write an article on me and the success that I have made with my learning disabilities and school as well as work and life. For this I have to thank my wonderful parents who never let the words "I can't" be in my dictionary it was alway yes you can it just may take some time. I hope with Leighton I am as successful in this idea as my mom and dad were. I will always be greatful they have done more for me then they will never know. Hopefully I will get Easter pictures uploaded soon right now everything is on my desk top and iPad.

Friday, March 16, 2012

I'm terrible I know

Its been too long I know but I've been busy. First off as of January I had to have 26 papers finished for school in order to start student teaching ink August. The good news is I now have 5 more to go and I will have made that April 1st dead line. Also Leighton was in basketball and is now in baseball which takes up a lot of time. However he is doing wonderful in school we njust had his parent teacher conferences and found out he is reading on a 6th grade reading level and is more then excelling in math. He also found out that his specialty teachers gave him the only 3+ in band that she gave to his whole class. All his teachers love him and all his hard work. Xia is doing very well in Spanish she can already Read from Spanish to English pretty fluently and is loving every minute of it. Jake and I are celebrating our 12 year annaversary tomorrow and I got two new toys first a 27 inch iMac which I love pictures to follow, and also the new iPad 3 which I am also loving.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Long time no Blog

Wow its really been that long since my last blog. It has been a very busy time for me and my family. I am on the last real term before student teaching. I also was able to get 26 credit hours in last term and pass all the classes so I was asked to join Alph Kappa Phi which for those of you that don't know this is the honor society for the education department in the country and looks really good on my resume. Yeah me! I also continue to teach have been helping Jake with his English and Math because he has also gone back to school and continue to help both the kids with their school work. Xia is still loving her Spanish Emerson that she is doing in school and Leighton is doing very well in fact he was able to get a 4 on his reading comprehension for the state and also his math for those that don't know what a 4 is it is the equivalent to a +A then he got a 3 on his science. I also took my last Praxis test and was very nervous because everyone said it was so hard and didn't pass it the first time but guess what I did it. Again Yeah Me! My mom and I have been to two concerts thanks to Jake we got to see the Zac Brown Band and then the following weekend we saw Brad Paisley. Both were wonderful concerts however I woke up the Saturday after Brad Paisley with a stomach ache that just got worse and worse until it got to the point on Monday I finally got 30 minutes sleep but had to get up for work and started to throw up again and was doubled over so Jake took me to Ann Jeffered's who in turn sent us to St. Marks for and ultra sound and blood work and two hours later I found myself admitted to the hospital to have my gall bladder taken out. Sad thing is that not 7 months before I was at St. Marks for my hysterectomy. Now hopefully I'm done with my medical for the year.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Catch Up

It has been a long time. A lot has happened and I have been busy with the family, work, and school. Where to start, Jake got a new job that is wonderful not only is it a pay raise but insurance is cheaper and better, but he also has a set schedule which has been a huge help in every way. Leighton has kept me busy with fall ball which is baseball in the fall and so far his team is in first place. Xia is loving school. She is in the dual emerson spanish program and enjoying every minute of it. I took Xia for her first pedicure yesterday and she loved it. Leighton just started band in school and is learning the Alto Saxaphone. We had the cousins family reunion this summer. Jake was only able to go for a day lucky for us it was at bear lake so he was able to come up for that one day. It was a lot of fun seeing everyone. I am finally at the tail end of my schooling meaning that I am getting ready to sumit my PCE application to do my student teaching. Jake and I took the kids to the circus last night. I love going and so do the kids Jake goes just to humor me but it was a lot of fun. I think that catches us up to date so far. Here are some reunion pictures.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Newest update

Its been a long week this week. Its the last week before I go back to work next week. However I have been babysitting since Monday. I have had my nephew Tav since Monday and will have him until probably Thursday night. I also had my other nephew Wilson on Monday. He came over to play with Xia so his mom could have a break. Tav is here because Chloe my youngest niece is up at PCMC. She broke her elbow and got a bacterial infection in her joints so she had to have surgery on her elbow and knee. Daph has been up there with her and the other kids have been farmed out to other family members. I took the kids swimming with Mindi and Wilson at the Kearns swimming pool. That was a lot of fun. My energy is slowly coming back and I'm ready to go back to work for the four days before I get to go on vacation to Bear Lake for Jake's family reunion. I'm so excited to see everyone again. Three years is just too long to not see all of them. We all have such a good time when we get together.

Thursday, June 16, 2011

It's been a while

It has been a while since my last post. A lot has been happening we have finally finished baseball season as well as soccer season. Hopefully I will be able to post pictures soon. Leighton got to spend a lot of time as a pitcher. His arm has gotten much stronger. Xia finished soccer and loved every minute of it. I think that she enjoyed the more social part of it not so much the skill of it. Xia got into the Sapnish emerson program at Mill Creek Elementry next year. This program will give her the oppertunity to learn Spanish and be fluent in it by the time she has finished 6th grade. I am almost finished with my semester of school. I have one more paper to finish and hope to have it posted by Sat. My sister and I are doing wedding pictures for a friend on Sat. Then I have one more week of work and then I will be off for any where from 3 to 6 weeks because I am going in for surgery. Can I tell you how much I wouldn't give to be normal and have a normal summer without any surgeries, but what can you do. I just keep thinking that when this is over my life will be a little bit more simple. I think that is all the information taht I have for now. Hopefully I can get pictures posted soon.